When We Cry, We Laugh, We Face It Together - The Story of Us

The story of Us

11 June 2009
Sport arena cafeteria

we were having a 'family' dinner as usual here. i would say, this is our new 'spot' to have a very good dinner. the food is nice, cheap and a lot. a complete and good characteristics of food for people like us ( poor and unmarried ). it all happen when Anis said, ' where are u guys planning to go after the exam?'. it is a very vague question to ask, a question where we can put a thousand of dreams and hopes for a better and nice vacations. everybody is planning for vacations after the exam. lots of plan, lots of immagination but to execute, is the other story. and we are no different from the rest. what makes us different is, when we have planned, we will make sure it happen, although everything is in the hand of God, but, at least we try.

Anis plan was to have a nice vacation at Port Dickson ( PD ), because he can find a free accommodation there ( something to do with his father membership of something ). we were quiet when he proposed his idea. i think because we find that PD is no stranger for us anymore( since Ali is a PD resident ). we were not discuss details about what are we going to do there except swimming at the sea ( what else to do at PD? ), and we are not trying to put everything into a timetable or something, but we just say to him that...'not a bad idea, we will go PD'.

19 June 2009
Foundation Lecturer Rooms - CyberHeight
Afternoon - after Friday prayer

it was a boring and stressful day. although we have passed the exam, but, we havent pass our elective yet. we have to meet Dr Nasrin and correcting the proposal up to her specification. we know we have to go PD that day, but we are not too excited or anxious about the place, but we are praying that the plan is success and being bless.

alhamdulilah, everything were set. the people, the duration and the location, but not the activities. basically, we do not know what are we going to do there. although Faiz always saying

' there is nothing to worry about that, we get there, and we just lepak-lepak'.

but we still wondering, lepak-lepak?, its to general. we dont care about that anymore, what in our head was, we must stand on our foot at PD's land by today.

everything were packed, cloth, towel and some emergency entertainment. everyone were excited cause, the moment of truth start to spark in our head. the images and all the imagination are getting clearer. we are going to PD.

we start by reciting prayer, and at 5.30pm, Zubir hit the gas and me,Faiz,kencang and Anis off to PD. the rest, Aroy,Kuji and Aiman waits for Ali to come home and they will go later.

19 June 2009
Port Dickson - Teluk Kemang - Pasir Panjang
Afternoon - almost to Maghrib

'owh, you have to go back to teluk kemang, because u have gone to far'
'it is front of the Fire Station, behind a huge tree, thats why u cant see it'
'go back to the Pasar Malam area, and ask the people there, they might know better'
'i live here for 18 years, i never heard of that place'

thats what we got from the local people when we asked the direction to our resort. yes, we were lost. its like the Kemang Indah Resort was never exist. we not worried about the existence, because, all of us are boys, and sleeping in car will do. but, we were tired, and we are all hoping that staying in that resort will makes our vacation more convenient and feels likes we are on vacation, not some kampung boy who run away from the village to find a better life.

finally, we are able to find the resort. we have to travel deep inside and off the main road, just after Anis called his brother. no wonder we cant see it, the signboard is being covered by some construction things.

we arrived, we registered, and we unpacked our things. Ali and the rest still not here. our stomach is gurgling, but we cant go for dinner yet. must wait for the rest. we must have dinner together. thats what makes us strong, to be like a family. time keeps running. we know we cant just stay here do nothing.we have to do something. then we decided to go for swimming at the pool. this is where i have been taught how to swim. im still no really good at it. but at least, i can move a bit. thats an improvement from nothing at all. i hope, i can control myself when i in the sea tomorrow, which is, the big day. few hour latter the rest has arrive. we were happy, cause everyone is here, and we are going for dinner.

we have a dinner at Jimat Seafood. i think Ali was trying to be sarcastic to us when we asked him to bring us to the cheapest restaurant. the food were nice, the price..not so bad, still affordable. after having the dinner, we when to Dataran Teluk Kemang. we notice there were some function there. surprisely, there were some kind of motor show, where all of the fancy-fancy and weird little cars, with the make up and all were here. there will be a big day tomorrow, and tonight was just the 'introduction' i think.

me with the fancy satria car

the musketeer of CUCMS

Aroy, Kuji and Faiz

time shows 11 pm. we have to do something. if we when back to the resort, we all will go to sleep and it wont call a vacation for us. so, we decided to look for some durian. we bought very cheap and not so bad durian. it was rm10 for 10 biji, and we get extra 2, cause i think the brother like us hahaha. well anyway. we decided to have a very nice durian time at the beach ( the pasir putih site- bt 4 ). we try to cross the road, while carrying the durian. cars moving so fast. we have to wait for a while. then, we crossed the road, to reach the beach. suddenly, Anis drop the durian, and everyone was like ' WHAT THE FUCK'. cause there are car is moving towards us. so we have to go back to Anis and pick up the durian. Alhamdulilah, the driver seen us and slowed his car. we pick the durian, we go to the beach and we laugh out laud talking about the accident. very nice that nite. wish Ali was here too.

Align Center
durian time

we finish eating durian, and Ali arrived. he said, he when meeting his old friend. he also said that his friend was managing a wall climbing, and asked weather we what to go and play. well....hell yaa, we on vacation, what else supposed to do during this nite?. we arrived at the location. not very far from the beach where we eating the durian. unfortunately, his friend was not there, cause he have something to do, so we wait for him while playing game card. and Zubir got trash like hell by Faiz and Kencang.

we were able to play wall climbing at 2am, just rm3 each of us, for unlimited time. and we played the 50m wall like ours. Kencang tried 6 times, Faiz tried 5 times, Zubir tried 4 times, Anis and Aiman tried 3 times, me and Kuji tried 2 times while Aroy just once, well maybe he want to try more, but hes tired, i think. only Kencang was able to reach up to the top, he really proud of it. we finished streching and tensing all our flexion and extension muscle of our hands and legs at 4.30am. everyone is exhausted, everyone is sleepy, everyone is waiting for the big day...everyone when back to the resort and go to sleep. it was a long nite. it was a good nite.

Ali taking off the harness - he didnt make it to the top

Faiz hanging on the wall

waiting for their turn - well i dont kuji want another try

20 June 2009
Kemang Indah Resort - Teluk Kemang beach
Morning - 8.30am

Faiz woke up early, cause he is the only one who most excited and the 'wake up early person' and he start doing is job, wake up us all. we checked out from the resort at 9.30am, packed our things and go to the beach. Ali brought us to a very nice place, less people and nice water ( u cant expect much from the PD beach ). as soon as Ali dropped us, he when back home, he not with us, again. so, off we go, the 8 CUCMS students, who are trying to find the meaning of life, going to beach.

it was very nice weather, but we are not greedy, so we stay for while, focusing our mind from the slumber land by having breakfast at nearby stalls. suddenly wind blow heavily. the trees starts to shake, the tables start to move, the seas start to wave frequently.

looking at the seaside - posterior view

looking at the seaside - anterior view

'sure its going to rain soon'
'is it save for swimming?' i said.
'whats the problem? it is much better when its rain', Faiz said to me.

well, maybe its all going to be alright.

going to the beach lalala~

rain starts to fall. it hit our skins, and its hurt.

we start to move, looking for the popular 'Banana bot'. we found one and it was a very good deal rm 10 each.

the rains fall heavily. the waves is moving fast and its high.

we wore the safety jackets, and we all excited but on the other hand, we were all freezing.

the wind blow heavily.

we noticed no ones at the beach, except us, the know nothing guys who want to have fun. we board the banana bot, i was in front. the bot is moving with the waves, kinna hard to get board. everyone is excited, worries nothing about saftey at all, cause..hey we have safety jackets, everything will be fine rite?. well what we thought were wrong, just after we move to the sea, we being smashed by a big waves, we fall and sunk under the sea. i got trapped under the boat, i almost run out of air. im trying to struggle myself to get myself into the surface again. i hope i can do it, cause, i dont know how to swim, just move my legs like what they had taught me yesterday. and i hope the jackets can bring me back to the surface. alhamdulilah, i got into the surface. everyone too. waves smashing us unnotice. and we had swollen to much salt water. we have to get back on board. one by one get board. suddenly, while kuji was trying to get board, a huge wave smashed us. again we all fall, but this one is different, where i got separated form the rest. i got panic, i cant see where they are, the boat was covered them form my sight, i cant swim, and i dont know what to do. im floating, but huge waves keep coming and smashed me. few times i got dip into the sea, few times i swallow the water. i almost cant breath cause the wave keeps on coming and hit me. i try to call for help, no one is listening. i got panic. this time i got dip kinna deeper. i just hold my breath that what last inside my lungs. i thought, this is it. im gonna go away. away from this world. feel mad about myself cause there are still lots of things i want to do with my life. damn why now?. God the Merciful. suddenly i got up to the surface again. now i can see them. waving my hand. hope they can see me. again i when under. lost their sight. resurface again. i try to called them, and i see Anis came towards me, try to catch me. and i heard someone said


i try to set my mind, everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright, everything is gonna be alright, just do what u have learnt yesterday.

'Zul!!, relax. i got u' Anis grabbed.
'this is no good. we got to go to the beach'.
'OK!!' everyone agrees

everyone is here. no one is missing. we grabbed each other and everyone starts to move, to the beach. we swim slowly, and the wave still smashed us fiercely, but, the waves help us get back to the shore, its like want us to go away for while, it is not our time yet to go.

Alhamdulilah we all get to the shore. everyone is in trauma. why this thing happen to us?. but, we are greatful to God, that, all of us are safe. the rains still fall. hit us hard. the brother came to us

' we will play again after the sea is getting better ok?'.

i just stood there. should i go? should i trade my life for enjoyment?not to waste the rm10? we wait, and looking for shelter.everyone is in trauma. talking about the accident. but, this is us. we still laugh about it.

the rain stops. the sea is like swimming pool. calm and smooth.
waves move gently a peaceful scene

'lets go. let finish where we stop
' Faiz said.

should i go?. we went to the brother, and said, we are ready for it. we grab the safety jackets, but i just stay there. Zubair came to me

' its ok, we understand'.

i feel like..what the heck!!. i go and grabbed the safety jacket.

'thats the way la Zul!!'.

'but this time u got to help me if anything happen. i really mean it!!'
'hahaha, no problem'.

we get aboard. the sea is calm and smooth, the boat was not shaky. then we off. Alhamdullilah, everytime went well this time. yeah of course..we were fall twice, but everything is under control. im not panic anymore. guess experience taught me well. we having so much fun on the boat. we have no regret for what have happen to us. we just want to have a nice vacation.

we end our beach activities at 1pm. Ali came and pick us up to those who want to leave early. now only me, Faiz, Kencang and Zubair who stay behind. we went for shopping. but, only me who is do the shopping, where i bought a shirt with ' Have a nice day at PD' written on it. yeah.. it was a nice day at PD i would say. cant believe what happen today. cant believe we actually have a very nice day at PD. we left PD after we had our lunch at Pasar Malam Teluk Kemang. we left with our memories wish we never forget...and 'have a nice day at PD' tshirt.

nice pose - dats to much kuji

the end of the day - makan!!

The Story of Us - end


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