Terengganu visit..

date : 12 july
destination : Kuala Terengganu

yeah.!! its vacation time. never thought or plan to go to terengganu actually. despite of the cost, well want can u expect from terrengganu? the beautiful beach? cheap merchandise? or beautiful chicks? well, i decided to go to terengganu just on my way to Pulau Pinang to visit old friends and also for my friend weddings. it just came across my mind like ' not a bad idea to visit kuji's place'. then i decided to go.

from butterworth to kuala terengganu, it will cost u about rm 42 ( somewhere around that ). took a bus ( SP Bumi ) at 9pm. well, its kinna hard to find a bus to go there n the time is not unlimited free as we buy a ticket bus to kuala lumpur. so, if u wanna go, u will probably will get the ticket at the morning or at night..there is no ticket in between.

it took about six hours ride. the journey was bored, tired and u will easily want to go for toilet coz the air cone in the bus is so cool. so, it is normal if ur terengganu's friend said that, they usually fall asleep in the bus.

i arrived at kuala terengganu terminal station at 5am and my friend ( kuji ) arrived 10 minutes later to pick me up ( since his house also from kuala terengganu ). after that, we stop by at nearby stall to drank cup of coffea and ate some terengganu tradisional 'kuih'..which i never find it at kuala lumpur. well, the first kuih i ate is called 'telinga kambing', its yellow thing and there are someting inside which i dont know ( even kuji doesnt know about it ). the second kuih i ate was called kuih 'akok', very sweet n not very nice for those who are diabetic. then we went back to kuji's house. after subuh prayer, the tiredness still not fade away, so i continue to sleep.

the kuih

the first place i visited was the Muzium Terengganu. kinna lame to go there, but, hey its my holiday n i want to know about this place. my visit to the muzium was not a waste. really amaze about the buildings where it is so big and modern, but yet it still maintain its tradisional design. but our visit to the muzium was not long because we arrived there about 15minute before the muzium closed. well the good thing about caming late was, we entered by free where usually it will cost u about rm 10 per entery ( i dont know the cost for kids ). well, inside the the muzium...i cant say much, because, it is a muzium, and what else u can expect from a muzium, beautiful chicks wearing a bikini? yeah rite.

really nice muzium

next we move to Taman Tamadun Islam. i would say, that place is really cool. there are two site where u can do visit. first is the Replica Mosque, where they create the most holy and unique replica mosque all over the world, which as big as if Ali or Syaz height. well it will cost u about rm10 per entery n rm20 for foreigner plus u will get rm3 baucer so u can by some drinks. the place is really big, thats why they provide a bicycle,tram and caddy car for rent. i dont know about this, but if u rent the trem or the caddy car, there will be a person in charge and help u explain everything for each of the mosque. if u dont, then u just being emboli and know just a little bit facts about certain mosque...just like what we did.

the second place where u can go is, The Crystal Mosque. well i thought it just the same as like the replica mosque, but this mosque is different, where actually we can perform prayer here ( well basically its a real mosque...not for display but for utilisation ). i dont know the view of this mosque in the morning, but we came at the evening, just nice for maghrib prayer, but some people said that the veiw is much more nicer during morning. what are the cool about this mosque is that it changing colours for every certain minute, like yellow, then it turns to red, white, blue, green and so on. well its kinna cool for me, coz i never seen mosque that changing color. but i do hope that the mosque is not just for tourism attraction but instead for proper utilisation for a mosque.

at night, well around 11pm, we went to a unique restaurent, which is located somewhere at Seberang Takir . what really cool about this place is their juice. u can order ur drink in ordinary glass or extra-ordinary glass ( well u have to pay more for that of course ).well i choosed the extra-ordinary glass where they called it a 'bamboo glass'. its really tall, and absolutely u cant drink it if u put the glass on the table. so the only option u have is to put the glass on the chair and u start to feel like kinna little embarrassment and regret to order such glass..but whatever..im on vacation and im a tourist.

i told u already its really big

it good to have only this drink to full ur stomach

the next day, we when to Pasar Payang. well its kinna popular for i dont know why. basically, it is a two story building and its just next to the sea. the ground floor of the bulding is where they are selling like seafood, some vege and stuffs like that. the 1st floot u can have....clothes..and lots of clothes.so..i think this place is not for me, so we moved out. but i bought a tshirt there. the price? well i can say it is not much different from KL. so why spend more? hahaha

the famous Pasar Payang

after that, we when to Bukit Puteri, just oposite to Pasar Payang. well it is a historic place and they turned it to more like recreational place where u can relax a bit and see the ocean view. basically, this place was a defensive fort to protect the place from the ship that come from the sea. so, u can find old canons..big and small..well i can say..not a bad place also, but kinna bored coz there is nothing there and just few people. and again, i would say, this place contains lot of history..so its kinna cool place too.

lunch time!! kuji brought me to a some restaurant, located somewhere at Chendering. well the place is like an ordinary place, a restaurant just next to the main road, so nothing exclusive about it. BUT!!..there is a special dishes..its called 'Ketupat Sotong'. Kuji has told me about this before, i thought he just making some stupid jokes to make terengganu as an interesting place..well now..i am eating that thing!!.basically, u can imagine the dishes just from its name. its a 'ketupat' and they put it inside squid instead of coconut leaf. the taste?....walla..nice!! u should try it if u visit terengganu.

the delicious ketupat sotong

the infamous restaurent

after lunch, we when for Zuhur prayer. we prayed at what they called The Floating Mosque ( Masjid Terapung ), but i prefer it to called as The White Mosque..coz IT SO WHITE!!. the mosque is located near to the sea mouth of Sg Kuala Ibai.

The Floating Mosque

i never thought im gonna see it. the collapsed stadium of terengganu. well its quite sad to see it collapsed just like that, because this stadium is so huge and really cool if it can be used till the next and next generation. well....it collapsed anyway.



i think i didnt tighten the last nut properly

at night, we went for a drink. well i asked kuji to bring me where i can drink the best coffea of terengganu ( im a coffea addict ). well, he said........'i dont know'. so he has to call his sister to ask about the place. then we went to two coffea shops, 1st is the Uncle Chua Kopitiam...well..this place is boring and the coffea is also is boring so not a good place to have a nice coffea. well the next place we go is called D'gannu cafe. this place is kinna special, where it has it own identity ,i would say. u can have various of coffea around the terengganu such as Besut coffea, d'gannu coffea, chendering coffea and some more coffea which i also remember the name. at first, i thought it just the old tricks by the restaurant to make the menu looks unique, but instead..the coffea is really nice..and statisfy. plus, the varity of the coffea also will give the various taste. we havent enough time to try all the coffea coz we also was kinna in hurry. but, if i came again, sure i come to this place again. and thats the end of the day.

d'gannu coffea..oyeah

Uncle Chua Kopitiam

my favorite white coffea

so, my third day at Kuala Terengganu which is my last day at terengganu. this time we went for a little bit different where we travel buy using some kind of shuttle of something. this suttle just travel certain places at Kuala Terengganu. because this bus is so unique, it is a free ride and only few people who used this transportation, plus, there are only two buses of this type in terengganu, well i would say in Malaysia..i think.

so we ride this bus and travel to NoArfa Batik, coz i really wanna see how they make batik. but..it really dissapointing, coz this place is rather to a huge batik boutique instead of batik maker. this is because, when we arrived there, they only do a demostration of batik...so its kinna boring, not natural and more likely i would say it is a commercial place. because its so boring so we only took about 10minute or less hang out at the place and then we go home. on our way to home, we faced problem where we actually have to wait kinna long time for the 'unique' bus to come...coz...its only have two buses. so we decided to take the public bas.

we stop at The Floating Mosque to perform prayer. after that we when to the shore of the river mouth. we saw several of fisherman boats. so its kinna cool where we actually saw a real fisherman who just return from the sea and he start selling lots of seafood to the costumers. basically u can get a fresh and good quality of seafood ingredients here..and it cheap also, thats what kuji told her mom.

the unofficial business trade

fiserman return from sea

at the evening, we went buy some keropok lekor. i really want to watch hows the keropok are made. actually it much more easier then it looks. just blend the fish, put some speacial flour and start to roll it. well its kinna 'jakun' to see how they make the keropok, but..wutever.i wanna buy some keropok but i was thinking that carrying so much things will be burden for me who travelling.so..i just safe my money for that.

around 2 to 3 hour before i depart from this place, we went to Pantai Batu Buruk. this place is really..really nice and comfort. coz if u were thinking to relax and 'lepak-lepak', i would suggest this place. this place is not crowded with people, because i think this is not for swimming beach, so most of the people who come here also are searching for comfort. well, i would say, this is kinna kuul place.

well, dats the summary of my vacation at kuala terengganu. i would say, terengganu is not a bad place to go if u wanna have a nice holiday. plus, since they are known as vacation spots, so most of the locals there kinna adapt to the phenomena and they can be tolerant and nice to u. but, due to their advantage they had, somehow, it has become a commercial place instead of maintaining the originality of terengganu that what i seek.

plus, if u notice that i only travels with kuji because he also want to have holiday and he dont know anything about terengganu. so..choose ur travel guide carefully..hahaha

after that i packed my things and i am ready to leave this place with a full of nice memories..

end of Terengganu visit.

p/s - thanks to kuji and his wonderful family


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