Terengganu visit..

date : 12 july
destination : Kuala Terengganu

yeah.!! its vacation time. never thought or plan to go to terengganu actually. despite of the cost, well want can u expect from terrengganu? the beautiful beach? cheap merchandise? or beautiful chicks? well, i decided to go to terengganu just on my way to Pulau Pinang to visit old friends and also for my friend weddings. it just came across my mind like ' not a bad idea to visit kuji's place'. then i decided to go.

When We Cry, We Laugh, We Face It Together - The Story of Us

The story of Us

11 June 2009
Sport arena cafeteria

we were having a 'family' dinner as usual here. i would say, this is our new 'spot' to have a very good dinner. the food is nice, cheap and a lot. a complete and good characteristics of food for people like us ( poor and unmarried ). it all happen when Anis said, ' where are u guys planning to go after the exam?'. it is a very vague question to ask, a question where we can put a thousand of dreams and hopes for a better and nice vacations. everybody is planning for vacations after the exam. lots of plan, lots of immagination but to execute, is the other story. and we are no different from the rest. what makes us different is, when we have planned, we will make sure it happen, although everything is in the hand of God, but, at least we try.

refreshment,makes the club grows..( Part 4 )

memories 17

location - home sweet home ( bangi )

time - nigh

------------------------playing ps2--------------------
'incoming transmission, ur electronic msg has arrive'
'another performance?..for the junior?'
'...................' - replying message
'...................' - waiting
'...................' - waiting
'incoming transmission, ur electronic msg has arrive'
'hermm...i have to choose the song?'
'hermm...'anak' is cool'


stupidity n hypocrite is nothing but all around and inside me~

study makes me MENTAL ( Part 2 )


when u wake up in the morning, whats run in ur head?
a) 'its it lunch time already?'
b) 'where is everbody?'
c) 'what can i do to the world today?'
d) 'i wonder if she is at the college'

spreading smile and laughter at CUCMS:-)

manga 1 - foyer

zul ' wei..wei aku ade teka-teki'
ainul ' amende'
zul 'binatang ape, kejap hitam kejap putih?'
ainul ' ZEBRA..'
zul 'zebra sentiase hitam n putih'
nubla 'panda...'
zul 'salah..'
ainul,nubla,eddy ' ntah.......'
zul 'penguin jatuh bergolek'
zul 'hehehe..best2'

mangsa 2 - foyer

zul 'wei..aku ade teka-teki'
midun 'ha..cepat arr'
zul 'binatang ape kejap hitam kejap putih'
midun 'ZEBRA'
zul 'bukan'
midun 'betul la..zebra kan hitam putih'
zul 'bukan'
midun 'PANDA'
zul 'bukan'
midun 'betul la duh'
zul 'bukan'
midun 'jap2 aku check internet..mesti adenyer'
zul '...( the heck )...'
midun ' haa ni ha...ikan hfjhakfbaj ( aku pon tak reti nak sebut ), boleh menukar warnanye menjadi hitam dah putih..dlm internet ni bai'
zul 'bukan midun'
midun 'bis tu'
zul 'penguin jatuh bergolek'
zul 'heh'

mangsa 3 - foyer

zul 'aku ade teka teki...binatang ape kejap hitam kejap putih'
sya 'ZEBRA'
zul 'bukan'
fern '.............'
chia '.............'
sya,fern,chia 'tak tau'
zul 'penguin jatuh bergolek'
zul '.......( aku cam dah tak leh nk gelak ).......'

mangsa 4 - sacred place

zul 'i ade teka teki..binatang ape yg kejap hitam kejap putih'
annonymous ' ZEBRA'
zul 'asal semue org ckp zebra..bukan'
annonymous '.....hermm..ntah...ape jwnpan die?'
zul 'penguin jatuh bergolek'
annonymous 'hahahahaha'
zul '....( bliss :-) )...........'

manga 5 - sacred place

annonymous ' i ade teka teki gak'
zul 'amende?'
annonymous 'dlm byk2 bra,bra ape yg semue org ade?'
zul 'hermm...'
annonymous '.........lalala~'
zul 'i pon ade ke?'
annonymous 'sume ade...lalala~'
zul 'cam bodoh je jwpan die'
annonymous 'well..actually educated gak arr..coz it comes from me'
zul 'hermm...ntah'
annonymous 'vertebra!!..hahaha'
zul '...thats....LAME ( menangung malu)'
annonymous 'hahaha...well its educated kan hahaha'
zul '.....shoot'

study makes me MENTAL...

scene 1 - foyer

zul ' kenape kite malas belajar?'
zul ' sebab kite tak rajin..hahahahahahha'

scene 2 - foyer

chia 'wei..kenape study sorang-sorang?'
zul 'sebab aku tak study berdue-due'
chia '.....( WTF ).......'

scene 3 - sacred place

zul ' laparrr~~~'
annonymous ' gi la makan '
zul ' u dah mkn?'
annonymous ' dah..lunch + dinner '
zul ' hmm..bosannye..ape nak buat yek'
annonymous ' PEGI MAKAN!!'
zul ' dah tak lapar '
annonymous '.......( wutever )...'

scene 4 - kat parking provost

kencang ' haa..baru nampak muke ko'
faiz ' ko gi mane duh?..sume org carik ko kot'
syaz ' u pegi mane? sume org carik u'
zul ' phone i habis bateri'
kencang,faiz,syaz '....( buang je la phone tu, buat susah org je )...'

scene 5 - mak teh

zul '.......................'

10 minit kemudian

zul '.......................'

20 minit kemudian

zul '......( asal dieorg tak dtg amik order )......'

25 minit kemudian


scene 6 - mak teh

ali ' aku mkn dulu'
zul ' hmm...'

25 minit kemudian

ali 'mane nasi ko?'
zul 'entah la li' - bertambah mental

scene 7 - area surau

zul ' woi'
faran 'yo...( sambil tersenyum-gaye faran )'
zul 'haa...zygomaticus major'
faran 'ha?.( muke pelik )
zul 'haa..frontalis,procerus ngan corrugatorrrr...apentah'
faran 'ooo ( mule memahami )...kalo camni? ( sambil tutup mate )'
zul '........ko buat ape tu?
faran 'oo..takde ye hahaha '
zul 'haa..zygomaticus major'
faran '.......( buat muke tak berperasaan )...'
zul 'buat arr muke pelik lg'
faran '.......( buat muke tak berperasaan )...'
zul 'faran bosan'

p/s: semua accident ni berlaku pd hari yg same tp pd waktu yg berlainan

recognition is apperciation...( Part 3 )

the entertainer

memories 10 location : registration counter time : evening

'i got a good news'
'ooo..no man'
'this is gone to far'
'i know it have somthing to do with performance right'
'i think we have gone to far'
'we are not come here to do this'
'u havent hear from me yet'
'we are going to perform at wedding of Dr Salmi's son'
'so now we are like 'band pengatin' isnt it?'
'ala..come la'
'for fun'
'so what songs are we going to play?whos going to sing?'
'well, i was thinking to call halim, fitri and fahmi to do the singing'
'well....halim n fitri are good'
'do they know?'
'i'll tell them later'
'so...are u in?'
'dude....Dr Salmi called us to perform man'
'.......who is Dr Salmi?'
'is he good?'
'never see him around'
'........he is our provost'
'my god...even Dr Salmi know about us'
'yaya...cool right?'
'so...are u in?'
'well thats the problem'
'the wedding is during our holiday'
'so i hope u guys can sacrifice ur holiday'
'i got nothing to do during holiday'
'u r in?'
'ya...what the heck'
'must be a good experience ya'
'must be...hahaha'
'wedding performance....hermm'

memories 11 location : Dengkil/Omar's house time : morning

'we are in deep shit'
'u got to see the place'
'its fucking grand'
'chill man'
'everthing is gonna be alright'
'ya..whats the problem'
'can u imagine'
'all those IP,VIP,VVIP and VVVIP that gonna come in this wedding'
'we gonna makes our performance perfect'
'we cant spoil this time'
'chill la.............'
'are u guys ready?'
'our shows is at noon right'
'ya.........we can't be late for this thing'
--------------------------go inside the house-------------------------
'what cloth are u wearing?'
'this one...you?'
'haha..my FedEx shirt la'
'hahaha....same la..stripes'
'all are wearing stripes la'
--------------------------everyone start to fight for bathroom--------

memories 12 location : ball room/rehearsal time : morning

'come on'
'dont do this here'
----------------------------everyone silent---------------------------
----------------------------start practicing---------------------------
'ok good'
'Aroy..come with me'
'we go to Prof Latiff's house'
'.........( fuck ).............'
'r u ok?'
'ok ok'
'.........( this is really fuck - this is no good ).....'

memories 13 location : backstage/show time time : noon

'damn it'
'i think we have to drop the song'
'which one?'
'Hijau Bumi Tuhan'
'whats wrong with the song?'
'i dont think it is appropiate to play it here'
'look at the crowds man'
'fuck the crowd'
'let them think what they want to think'
'we have agreed to play this song'
'why this shit have to come now?'
'this is so fuck up man'
'whats ur problem?'
'ya..come omar'
'it is a nice song'
'plus..we have practiced'
'lets play the song'
'lets play'
'thats the way'
'come on guys'
--------------------group huge-----------------------
'no matter what happen'
'we are still the best'
'we are the best'

memories 14 location : backstage/waiting for the next show time : noon

'can u play guitar with us for our next performance'
'owh....what song?'
'Cantik...have u heard the song?'
'i think i know'
'its G then..this C right'
'ya ya'
'ok Bong'
'teach us'

by : Fabulous Cats
singer : Algebra

hey wanita
gembira dapat berjumpa
teringat kembali kali pertama kita bersua
ingat bila kita bersepatu serupa
tak lama dahula jangan kau kata kau dah lupa
kau bersama kawan-kawan muda yang nyata
kau paling menyerlah di antara mereka
rambut hitam warna coklat anak mata
membuat aku kurang fasih bila bicara
apakata kita ambil sedikit masa
untuk mengenali sesama kita dengan lanjutnya
dan jika kau rasa apa yang ku rasa
ayuh kita ke bab ke-2 dan seterusnya

dirimu buat ku tertarik
menghilang segala prasangka
di jiwa
ohh chantek...
sungguh aku cintakan kamu

pandai menjaga hati ayah dan ibunya
kelakuannya sama dengan orang tua ku juga
bisa cipta yg gula dari yang cuka
pandai menukar yg duka kepada suka
bijak mengatur acara dan juga masa
cekap memasak garam gula secukup rasa
pandai menjaga harta dan juga duitnya
tetap anggun tanpa mendedahkan kulitnya
setiapa pada Yang Esa satu-satunya
memenuhi tanggungjawab 5 waktunya
punya tempat dalam rancangan yg ku rangka
tak usah lengah
ayuh kita berumah tangga

sechantek suria menyinar
seindah bunga yang di taman..mekar...
dirimu buat ku tertarek..
menghilang segala prasangka
di jiwa...
oohhh chantekk..
sungguh aku cinta kamu

melihat kita bersama di hari tua
masih satu tiada empat tiga atau dua
dan walaupun kau sudah ke pudaran rupa
kau tetap cantik padaku aku tak lupa
kita bersama di anjung luangkan masa
kewangan kita merdeka mampu bersara
hasil usaha kita dari masa dahulu
cukup untuk mengisi perut anak dan cucu
hidup santai tak perlu terburu-buru
punya masa kerja ibadah dan juga ilmu
anak kita dan ayanhya semua sebulu
aku bilang kau chantek dan mereka setuju

sechantek suria menyinar
seindah bunga yang di taman..mekar...
dirimu buat ku tertarik..
menghilang segala prasangka di jiwa...
ohh chantek...
sungguh aku cinta kamu...

memories 15 location : backstage/end of show/waiting to go for lunch time : noon
'dude...im really sorry'
'u guys are the best'
'hey...we are the best'
'hahahahahha' - everyone laugh
'lets 'makan''

the stage


the ballroom

memories 16 location : CUCMS/hallway time : morning

'where is my money~~'
'what money?'
'ok..Omar told me that u hold my rm35 for our last performance'
'owh..that money'
'ive used it'
'hey..hey chill'
'u still owe me rm50 right'
'it is my first paycheck in my life'
'well...u already pay almost half of it'
'this is so....not fair Aroy'

end of part 3 - recognition is apperciation

assalamualaikum..im from GTAR club( Part 2 )

memories 4

location : foyer ( CUCMS )

time : afternoon

-----------walking with big smile------------
'.................' - stare of wonder
'guess what?'
'err....' - looking at him
'eeee.......' - with the big smile
'errr.....' - still looking
'eeee.......' - with the big smile
'have u heard about the pharmacy dinner?'
'well the pharmacies want us to perform for their dinner'
'owh...thats cool'
'n....its really cool' - feeling really amaze
'cool rite'
'plus..we will be serve also'
'ok..im in.......hahahhaha'
'hahahha...i know u would say that'
'so when is this dinner and who are going to play?'
'is Aroy know bout this?'
'yeah..i told bout him already'
'i was thinking to call amir and fahmi'
'fahmi can do the singing'
'never heard him singing before'
'is he good?'
'are u serious....?isk....'
'when he sing....'
'all the girls turned crazy'
'ok..watever..u are the Pres...hahaha'
'ok wutever'
'so the dinner will be for 2 month more'
'i'll confirm with u the exact date later'
'i just wanna know whether u in or out'
'dude...i always be on ur back for this thing'
'hehe..just wanna make sure'
'so..wat songs are we playing?'
'hermm..havent think bout that yet'
'could u think about it too?'
'but...is Prof gonna be there?'
'i mean..is he going to perform with us?'
'no its just us'
'just let me know when to practice ok'

memories 5

location : Fahmi/Ilyas's room ( Cyberia )

time : afternoon

---------silent,listening to the recording-------------
'so..how was it'
'i think, only Zul's voice that fits to the song'
'i think u should sing the song by urself la Zul'
'what?..no way man'
'my voice is not ok la'
'dude..ur voice is really cool ok'
'come...lets hear it again'
---------silent,replay the song-------------
'nice rite' - the song still play
'ceh...he start to realize how cool his voice is'
'guys..come on la'
'each of us must sing this song'
'my voice is really bad'
'i dont wanna sing'
'everybody must sing'
'everybody sing'
'how bout Hold on?'
'Fahmi can take care of that rite?'
'ya..ya sure'
'my voice is ok rite?'
'ya..its cool'
'so we will meet again after Friday prayer'
'n we go there together for rehears'
'ok' - everybody says
'how bout'
'during the rehears, we do it in........hermm how to say this'
'in out of key rehears'
'like..use wrong chords or etc'
'n people will think like'
'what the hell is this?whos idea is this to invite them in first place'
'hahahaha..thats really good trick man'
'cool rite...'
'and Zul will sing the Hold on song'
'u do it like, forgetting the lyric or anything la'
'why me??'
'Ina doesnt know that Fahmi is going to sing tonight'
'so...he wants to surprise her la..haha'
'aww...so sweet....haha'
'Omar always want to do gimic la...hahaha'
'hahaha' - everybody laugh
'come on la Zul'
'can rite?'
'me sing that song?'
'for rehears only rite'
'sure...going to enjoy it'
'ok..so after Friday prayer ok'
'..so.............thats conclude our reflection...'
'hahahaha' - everybody laugh

memories 6 location : parking lot at the resort time : evening ( after rehearsal )
'...aih...' - lighting up
'do u have any?'
'ya..ya' - giving away
'...........' - pass, inhale
'im so tired' - exhale
'hermm...' - inhale
'i have a favor to ask'
'what?' - exhale
'.............' - looking in wonder
'.............' - inhale
------------silent,still wanting'-----------
'can u sing that song?'
'which one.......owh'
'oo..oo..oo..oo no way man'
'u should sing that song'
'we've agreed before rite'
'come la'
'im doing it just for rehears'
'yeah i know'
'but..i think'
'u are more deserve to sing it'
'ur voice..really fit the song'
'hes right Zul'
'damn it la u guys' - exhale
'cant u see their faces when u sing that song?'
'they were shock'
'damn it' - inhale
'come on la Zul'
'argghhh.....' - thinking in frustration mood
'dude imagine this'
'after this dinner'
'all the pharmacies will look on to u'
'eh..eh..whos the guy who sing just now ya?'
'haha...damn it la Omar'
'hahah...who knows man'
'anything can happen'
'dude what is ur problem?'
'im..scared n shy la..'
'what? Zul...shy?' - laughing cynically
'ceh..come la'
'why u want to shy?to whom?dont tell me there is 'someone' in the pharmacy'
'no la'
'come la'
'for the club'
'Fahmi...u shut up'
'u are the one who bring this problem'
'hahaha' - exhale
'ya...thats the way man'
'we will rock tonight'
'thanks Zul'
'haha..ya....come on'
'let them know who is the GTAR club'
'come on its almost time for prayer'
'u go first, ive got somting to do' - take out another ciggarate
-------------lighting up,they went away------------

memories 7

location : dinning hall ( dinner table )

time : evening

'damn it la'
'all prof are here'
'chills...we eat first'
'the food looks good'
'can we finish this up?'
'we cant, but u can'
'i want the chicken man' - rotating the table
----------------busy eating---------------
'take some more'
'oook....u wanna control ur voice isnt it?'
'are they going to clean this up while we are performing?'
'i dont know'
'but we are going to perform before nasyid'
'they probably gonna finish this up'
'Halim..please left some for me'
'hahaha...no problem bro'
'dude..dude camera'
'guys its ur turn after this'
'its about time' - leaving the table
'wait up man'
'this is so good'
------------leaving the dinner-----------

memories 8

location : dinning hall ( stage )

time : evening


Omar is sitting at the far right.
Im sitting next to him.
Fahmi at the middle, next to Aroy n Amir.
Omar was looking at everyone faces.
Fahmi looks at him, Aroy is waiting, Amir changing the score.
i was waiting for the correct time.
take ur time, we will start whenever u r ready, Omar said to me before come to this stage.
take ur time, we will start whenever u r ready, im trying to imagine the song.
take ur time, we will start whenever u r ready, feeling the song.
take ur time,....this is the time.

'hold on......~' - strumming

'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'
by : Oasis
singer : Zul

 Bm       Asus2             [E Esus]
Hold on, hold on, don’t be scared
you’ll never change what’s been and gone
Bm Asus2 [E Esus]
may your smile, shine on, don’t be scared
your destiny may keep you warm

D Asus4
Cause all of the stars are fading away
Em7 G
try not to worry you’ll see them some day
D Asus4
take what you need and be on your way
G (single, pause)
and stop crying your heart out

Bm(add11) Asus2 E
Get on, come on, why you scared
you’ll never change what’s been and gone

D Asus4
Cause all of the stars are fading away
Em7 G
try not to worry you’ll see them some day
D Asus4
take what you need and be on your way
Em7 G
and stop crying your heart out

D Asus4
Where all of the stars were fading away
Em7 G
try not to worry you’ll see them some day
D Asus4
take what you need and be on your way
Em7 G
and stop crying your heart out
Em7 G
stop crying your heart out
Em7 G
stop crying your heart out
Em7 G (single, pause)
stop crying your heart out

memories 9

location : parking lot at the resort

time : evening ( packing to go back home )

'that was a good singing'
'thank you'
'just trying my best'
'i can feel u when u sing that song'
'it was really good'
'ive made a correct choice am i?'
'well....maybe...just by luck'

end of part 2 - assalamualaikum..im from GTAR club

dinner table : ( from left ) me, Omar, Fahmi, Aroy

at the end of show: ( from left ) Fahmi, me, Omar and Aroy

when we meet, we shall dance ( Part 1 )

memories 1

location : Zubair's room at Cyberia
time : day

' Zul, Zul..u've heard the news?'
' hermm?'
'do u know a senior name Farouq ?'
'errr...dude, im new here, wat makes u think i know this guy'
'ala, Faraoq la, the 2nd year student, good at guitar, a bit dark skin...'
'hermm..can u just tell me wat the news?'
'ok, Farouq is looking for some guitaris. he probably gonna form a guitar club. plus it is going to be under Prof Latif'
'Prof plays guitar?'
'yela..well he also said somting about music therapy, which basically i do not know what the hell it is. so are u in?'
'music therapy? interesting...who else gonna be there?'
' hermm, i dont know. well basically Omar told me about this. and he ask me to invite u..if u interested la. but i heard Abel also can play guitar, Zubair? u wanna join?'
'hermmm..dont know...i dont have guitar'
'ya Abel, short short girl'
'our batch?'
'.....dude, please get to know ur batch. of course she is in our batch, but not from foundy'
'hahaha...chills..hermm guitar club. are we going to perform?'
'hermm..maybe..have u heard about the up coming Canvas?'
'ooo..u mean the theater?'
'haah..we probably going to perform with them'
'hermm..sounds cool'
'ok..so tomorrow, 5 o'clock, i think its in the lab. n bring ur guitar'
'no sweat'

memories 2

location : street mall ( in front Rosewell )
time : evening

'what do u think of the song?'
'which one?' ---lighthing up cigarette
'Standing In The Eyes'
'hermm' ---inhale
'not bad...easy chord, kinna cool lyric and everyone knows the song'--- inhale
'dont u think the chord is too easy?'
'hmm?..how do u wanna play it?'---lighting up cigarette
'ya..it is easy chords and everyone can play the chord'---inhale
'no..no u dont understand'
'we play it with A chord, and it sound much better, dont u think?'
'ya i know about that, but Prof likes the chord and he still wanna play it starting with G chord'---exhale
'i know..thats Prof idea'
'but i was thinking, since this is a performance..where there will be lots of people gonna be there.
why dont we make it sound better?can u imagine guys, all the crowd will standing,singing along together,cant u feel it?'
'well..u got the point..and i also think that playing with A is much better
'but..there are some difficult chord la..F#m,Gm..i dont think the rest can play'
'well..that wats the club for rite'
'we are trying to recruit guitaris as many as possible rite'
'we take those who know zero about guitar'
'we teach them how to hold a guitar, how to play easy chords, we will start from basic'
'thats what the club is trying to do'
'u know how to play the chord...and u know how to play the chord'
'why dont we teach them?'
'common guys. this is our chance. to fulfill the Music Therapy'
'how about Prof? he want to play it with G'
'i'll talk to him'
'ya..seriously. im sure hes going to like it'
'but, i need ur support. i cant do this by myself. so..are ur guys in or out? this is the only chance
we have. to establish the club'
'im in'---exhale, throw the cigarette bud, standing up
'hmm...why not'
-----------gather in a circle, put hands together,with one hope,one dream------------
'so this is it guys. we shall live up the club'
'hehe..for the club'

memories 3

location : auditorium ( during Canvas )
time : evening

'dude this is our 1st performance. r u scare?'
------------( Aroy and Zul)silent-------------
'damn it'
'so hows everybody?'
'ya cool'
'chills..just play like we have practice before. the chords is in of front u guys rite. no need to worry about the chords'
'yeah..but still..'
------------the GTAR club was announce----------
-----------------crowd applause-------------------
'ok guys..let the show begin

Standing In The Eyes of The World
by : Ella
play in G chord
Pahit getir hidup... dan pengorbanan
Terpaksa dihadapi, demi kejayaan
Am D
Terdidik sejak mula, tabah berusaha
G Em
Tanpa cuba melangkah, tak kemana
Di mana kau berada
Pencapaian tak tiba dengan mudah
Kini "Standing In The Eyes Of The World"
Hanyalah selangkah dari nyata
Keazaman membara dijiwa
Menanti saat bebas merdeka
Em Bm
Tiba masa kau melangkah gagah
Am Em D A
Bersemangat ke arah matlamat sedaya upaya
Engkau terunggul
Em D G
Wajar "Standing In The Eyes Of The World"

Harapan yang pernah terkulai layu
Kembali segar mekar bawah bayanganmu
Am D
Setiap manusia ingin berjaya
G Bm Em E
Namun tak semua miliki tuah
Engkau menghampirinya
Kesempatan telah pun tiba...

end of part 1 - when we meet, we shall dance


now i am gonna post about my first song that i compose myself. actually i wanna play this song in more grunge or punk or....any kinda of song that use power chords. but ta.....it turn to be more romantic song i think...

well the synopsis about this song.

this song called Please. it is actually a story of a guy who really fall in love in a girl who is beautiful not only physically but also spiritually or mentally or whatever u wanna say about it. well basically, this girl is too prefect ( for this guy laa.. ) and he is willing to do anything for her. but apparently this girl is trying to play hard with him. this make him wanna work hard and start to beg to seek the true love that he has been searching so far....

on the other hand.. i was thinking rite....it was quite a lame and pathetic for this guy coz he have to beg for his love...well i think that is the power of love...where people are doing crazy things..plus girls now day still play hard...shoot..enjoy

-------------------------------3-------------------------- 2x

F C G~ 2x


Every minute and every hour ( ive) been think of you
It doesnt matter how you looks today
I want to you that i fall in love, the beauty inside of you
thats the ( only ) reason why, i want to be with you


When i look to the sky
and i wish to the stars
Am G
so that i can be always be with you
wish to the star
and i scream to the moon
just let me
let me be with you~

F C G~ 2x


Every singles day i have i ll spend it for you
F C Am G
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday
I hope i can always be with you
and i dont care
and i dont even cares
Am G
what you have been through that day



Your my heart
and your my queen
G D7
just name the place i'll be there for you~
your my queen
and your my heart
G D7 F
ohh.. please let me be fall in love with you~
oh please let me to fall in love with you~
the greatest things that i never had before~
F C G ( single strum )
( and i say )..please let me..please let me~

hahaha..sure u cant play it rite

when my guitar gently weep...( part 2 )

me with farid's guitar ( Fina i think ), with
kuji ( at the back ), jimi ( in purple simle )
and farid ( trembling with his 1st performance
with us )

suddenly i realize that, when u are capable in playing most of the songs that u want to learn..but actually to be able to learn all of the song is unlimited. coz day by day/or month/or year there will be new songs release on the radio. so wat actually give me the satisfaction that i seek whenever Dan is in my arms.

i started to notice that.....

composing ur own song....

with your idea....

and ur own style....

is the true statisfaction....a bliss

when my guitar gently weeps.... ( part 1 )

this time im gonna talk about my guitar. actually it a new guitar rm 600+. i know it is not much compare to the other most sophisticated and branded. and i think those who had rm 1000+ per month for their allowance surely can get my guitar just a snap. well, for me i had to go and back from cyber to kl almost four times. lots of money were spend on petrol and tolls.

actually the reason i did that is because i was in dilemma of other guitar which cost rm 800+. she is really beautiful, and fall in love at the first sight. but i choose this guitar ( the rm 600+ ), because...hermm i fell that we are as one. just like the music and the rythem , where it have to be together.

i know i am not good as other, like aroy, omar or other rockers in the world. but i am relly satisfied with my performance. this is because, i feel that it not nessecary for you to be good or skillful as them. as long as u have the music inside your heart.......your guitar will sing for you.

well...it is quite lame to say here. but due to my apperciation to my guitar i decided to name it. i have decided to call it as ' Dan'...Dan the last show,let it sings to spread love among us. well that is the slogan. but niza said to me that, u should name after a girl..cause that was wat people usually did. but....i still feel my guitar is a guy..

well wats the story behind the name........hahaha..that u have to ask me personally.