la vie...

it really funny hows the nature works and how we respond to it. for example..two men are looking at big tree, one men might think..'it is marvelous', while the other men might think, 'how many men that we need to chop down this tree'. two men look at a painting, one men might think..'this is a master piece', while the other might think 'this is a piece of shit'. but..i can say it is normal for people to have different thinking and is all like yin and yang..some good and some bad..but how people think about life..?

two men are watching other people celebrating birthday party..i can men might think..'they are so happy'..while the other one might think..'i wonder what will i get for my next birthday'..their thought process is cool or i can say its normal..but..have you ever think that..that fellow is growing old..i wonder how old is my parents are? people are funny and always do weird stuff. for example..have you ever lost some of belongings? of course u had!! i am sure of it. u know what funny things is..when that things at on ur sight previously, im sure u might think that....oo u never think of anything about that thing.whats in ur head was like..blank..or why should i care..but..when the time come..u start to appreciate the things that u lost.

it also same goes in our life..we getting older..and the people older than us is getting away. there is no way that people getting older. because we know death is real..and it sure come..there is no eternal life in this world..if jack sparrow give the water from the fountain of youth to his ex-gf for eternal life..i would say her life will become miserable. it is like..a nice story telling/bed time story books with no ending. matter how good the book is..if its no ending..people can get fedup.thats why god give us the opportunity to we can close our book..but how we should end it?..its..a different story.

when we lost things..we miss it..but when we have it..we ignore it.thats normal..thats vie.


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