Walking On the Sea

Not Walking
Do you know beach and sea are actually two different things. The beach is where you can find all sexy girls wearing tight bikinis while the sea, you will always trying to find all these sexy girls. Basically..there is nothing at the sea. It just the water and you...let me rephrase..it just the nature and you.
There were 11 of us. It was 3 weeks plan to go to the sea. i never like the sea because i can't swim. The incident at PD really thought me how value is my life. but..it was like 2 years ago.the trauma still buried deep in my heart. ironically,i still want to go to the sea...this what i called..against the nature..in beginner mode.the idea was pop in my head after a failure of fishing trip at Port Klang ( ...i dont have words to say about this place ). oya..fishing is sort of my hobby nowadays.

so this trip was supposed to be a 'revenged' from port klang.the idea pop up into me while we were at 'open house' of my friend's girlfriend.we were brain stroming at that time, because our enthusiasm to catch a big fish has never been accomplished. in-spite of the magnificent stories about this one place..ive suggested it to my friends and.....they were all excited.although the idea was from me..but the master minds were my firends..Amir and Zubair, since they have been there before.Plus, Amir's uncle own one of the 'kelong'.so i think that things will be easier. so i just have to relax and...enjoy the show.

3 weeks they plan for the trip, 3weeks we were dreaming and fantasizing, 3 weeks the story had spread to 200+ of our colleague, and 3 weeks...my heart for the trip slowly fade away.

'it is really hard for me to say this..i probably will not go'
'its........too many people'
'so.......if im not going...it still will be fine right..hahaha..'

I knew in Amir's head was saying..WHAT THE F**K!!!!!.or..he probably think 'nah..hes joking'. truly, i do not know why i changed my mind while the trip was about 1 week left. something in my guts says differently.within 1 week, things has became more complicated. Amir was behaved like 'dont want to talk to me anymore' while Faiz always trying to push me in. i kept on saying to them :

'how can it be different if im not there?'
'its really different...and u are going to miss the 'golden' opportunity'

I knew for a fisherman..catching a big fish is really a golden opportunity. but i dont know what the chances are. even the guy who taught me about fishing, the first lesson he gave me was;

'even a experienced fisherman..could not get a fish'

and...in my head will be, how golden is the gold?so many things run in my head right now.my instinct say no but my head say go. i try to find out why i didnt want to go. i kept on making excuses like:

'the exams are coming..so i probably have to studies'
'what???..ade usrah?..come on..'

that were the lame excuses i ever made in my life. i never good in lying. Then, Amir told me ' just follow your heart'.as soon as he told me that, my heart says totally different. i became paranoid.

'i probably find trouble there...such as....hmmm'
'what if the 'kelong' got hit by the wave and i sink into the sea..am i going to my death sentence if  i agreed?'

....my heart says...no fishing.

well in the end..ive agreed. the world is kinna funny place dont you think?. i dont know why i agreed. i felt no excitement on this trip..its more like a favor for a friend. so..ive packed my stuff, everyone is in the house, everyone had packed and we are ready to go to...Teluk Sengat.

Day 1

Positive energy
Teluk Sengat is like 300km from Kuala Lumpur. Teluk Sengat is at Johor. ive only been twice to Johor. So for this trip, ive been three times to Johor..horreyy?. so the journey took about 4 hours..logically. Due to some circumstances we took about 6 hours to go there.As a result we arrived around 2 am.

well Teluk Sengat is acutally a very nice place. everything was like a in 70's -80's era. everything was soo old school. there was only one petrol station, one restaurant, one grocery stores, one playground and one parking lot. i like it here. peace, clean and......peace. When we arrived, Amir called the boat man. Then he picked us up 5 minutes later. well to go to the kelong, you have to ride a boat. its about 100m from the pier. ive never been on the kelong before. at first, i thought kelong is some sort of a small hut on the sea.

after i saw it, it actually quite big..like half of football field. for this kelong i can say, it has two side for accommodation. like side A and B. so these side are connected by some sort of small bridges. the boatman said, they farm prawn under the bridge. as soon as i stepped on it, im a little bit shaky. the sea waves makes my body dancing. i tried to balanced myself..and it turns out fine. in the kelong, every basic human needs are there. they got toilets, kitchen, living room, clean water supply, television and even a karaoke set. so..it was like a house for me.

everyone were so eager to fish. i can bet in their head was 'big fish..siakap..big fish..siakap'. but in my head was...'......(''_)........'. everyone start to unpack their fishing gadgets and preparing their fishing rods. but i was changing my cloth, make a coffea and when pray. everyone started to throw their bait on the sea and waiting anxiously. but i was eating 'kuih raya', some kfc chicken and started to look for my fishing rods. i dont know why im not so eager as my friends. i thought, if i rush in, i probably not getting any fish...well that was a stupid theory i ever made. and my teacher did not teach me that. so..about 1 hr later, i started to fish.

the kelong was quite silent that night/morning. everyone was like.....'shhh'. i can only people walking.back and fro, back and fro. besides, we are the only group at the kelong. suddenly, electricity went out. its 5 am. since their main supply is from big generator..so electricity is expensive here. everything went dark. i cant even see my own hand. slowly..the light from the moon fill up the kelong. it was really nice that day. i slept on hammock. i like it very much. the dim light, the full bright moon, the breeze wind, the hammock and the silent..it was really fill me up, it was so peace and calm. it was more like a romantic setting..but i rather called it..subahanallah.

Day 2

everyone woke up early. faiz said,'IT WILL BE WASTE OF TIME TO SLEEP AT TIME LIKE THIS!!!'.faiz sounds weird when he serious. some of us are not sleep at all...'the curse of fishing'.... i washed my face..and started to fish. i didnt take a bath..because my teacher said it will bring bad luck during fishing..(damn fishing has too much taboo).i take it as a joke..but i dont know why im doing it...im a confused guy (''_)

I told you it was big

1000 --- everyone was hungry but their face not show. things were bit mess up. it was supposed to be like a vacation. so when we talk about vacation, everything should be on table. since the temporary man who currently took over the kelong ( i called him lalat guy-not a real name ) still sleeping..so we were left on our own. Amir took the initiative to go to pier and buy some food for us. While Amir away..Afiq got porcupine fish. the fish was reaaallly big..and had weird looking. we took some photo, we made jokes from it...and we let it died..poor big guy.as soon as the food arrived, everyone eat like cats..including me. after that..we continued fishing.

1200 --- it was really hoooooot. no wonder why most of fisherman have dark skin, no wonder why west people like to go for sunbathing. you probably will get heat stroke if you not take care of yourself. the wind was like on and off. but when the wind came....it was heaven. we still fishing.

1400 --- the lalat guy brought some fish. he said for our dinner. but, he want us to cook for ourselves. we started to look each other...'WHO THE HELL CAN COOK??'.so..we appointed Midon to cook..i never knew he is a good cook and Kencang as he assistant...i help too..i chopped the onion..very big role..woohoo!!!. everyone continue fishing..while three of us were cooking.

1900 --- the meal turn out not that present-able..but eat-able.we were not complaining, but we appraised the cook. that what friends do..support each other for the right things. we took the meal, we sat in the circle, we eat together, we shared stories, and laugh out loud. i like to eat in big group. so much harmony. after eat...we continue fishing

1930 --- MIDON CAUGHT A FISH!!!..they called it red fish. i dont know why they called it in such name..because i dont even see any red color on that fish. well..the fish was quite big. everyone was happy...spirit recharge to 100%.

2000 --- new visitors start to come to the kelong. it turns out we were not alone anymore.

2100 --- more visitor came

2130 --- more visitor came

2131 --- now the kelong has became like a fiesta but in silent mode. there was like 20+ people at the kelong..but everyone was like....'i can hear you farted even you are 1 meter away from me'. they all fished quietly..patiently wait..for the gold to surface. now..we have to settle our fishing site. we cant cover the whole place anymore...thats what we called kindness in fishing. other people want to fish too right. so we cover two places...the lateral site of side A and lateral side of side B ( i hope you get the picture ). so..we continued fishing and just mind our own business. 1hr later..the lalat guy start making a sound. the newly arrived guy just caught a siakap...we were like..wahhh..very big fish. this make us more eager to go fishing. but not me..i think differently.

2300 --- ZUBAIR CAUGHT A FISH!!!.it was really big..it looks like an eal..but they said it name was..meyong..or merong..i cant remember. the fish was big and long. it was like 1/2 meter long..and it bites really bad. we all excited...we continued fishing.

0100 --- AFIQ CAUGHT A FISH!!!.now the fish that we all been dreaming before..siakap. it was really big. i never thought siakap fish was that big. it probably like 3-4kg..i didnt weight it..but..it looked like it. everyone has became more excited. everyone starts to fish for siakap..well at least we knew it exist.

0300 --- we run out our baits. things has became much more boring. we were tired, boring,stink and we also run out of jokes..so we when to sleep. just let the visitors to get some more fish...thats why we called it kindness..again. since there were too much people outside. i cant sleep on hammock anymore..i think someone might using it..i miss the moon light.

Day 3

Ride home
its the day we leave and the day we empty our wallet. oui..the kelong was not free. they charge RM 20 per night per person..if you buy bait from them, the charge will be more. so...due to negotiation skills from Amir, we have to pay RM 33 per persons. at 1pm we left the kelong..i didnt look back..because..there was no memory there. but i think i will look back if we leave the kelong at 1am. when we safely arrived at the Teluk Sengat town, we bought some refreshments. we bought apam balik...i never knew apam balik was sooo good  and i never knew the coke was actually very nice drink.i guess we spend so much time at the sea...we forgot there were actually food in this world.

before we return to cyberjaya..we stopped at Kota Tinggi and have lunch. we when to Nasi Ayam Baser Restaurant. Amir's uncle said it has a very nice nasi ayam..but i think...it just nasi ayam..no special about it. at 4pm....we leave Johor.

well...the total cost for the trip was roughly RM 100 for me. thats include tolls and petrol. but we ride in a car of 4 people..so the cost was cheap. but if you travel alone..the cost will be more. basically the place was like siakap fish farm. most people came there to fish siakap 'only'. so..if you like to fish siakap..this probably the right place for you.

as for me...i didnt get any fish...i dont know how i should put this...even i knew well my first fishing lesson...but i think...this trip is waste of my time and waste my money...hmm i probably say it differently if i caught a fish. oui..i was bias...but still...i think im not having fun there..with fish or without fish. i knew i should listen to my heart at first. ive been told to myself for many times....'foollooww yyoouurr hheeaarrttt'..even Amir also said the same thing...'foolloooww yyooouurr hheeaarrttt'.and yet..i still doing it..i guess im a stubborn guy. at the end..what i can conclude for this trip was..killing zombie is much more fun.



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