Another Fishing Trip

The Army of Fishing Geng

OOyeah..its holiday. 2+1 weeks for our holiday is toooo long. i think we deserve it since the exams were very stressful. at least, this long break can clear up our mind. after the announcement of exams result, everyone went sparse. everyone had their own plans and dreams for this holiday. we dont know about their plans..because we dont care much about it. but im sure they must have gone oversea or somewhere. well us...we just go fishing..

since we havent go fishing for long time, we decided to have the biggest and memorable fishing trip ever made. the 1st plan was to go to a place call Phantom Bank or something like that. it is a forbidden place since it is under Malaysia Fish Department or something like that. so its kind a under protection place. well, i did not want to go there because, it cost about rm150 per person...and i dont have money for that. i knew that, if the budget was rm150, surely i will spent about rm250 for unknown reasons. so i decline...and became forever alone guy.

after few days, i got a message from amir, saying they had to cancel the trip ( i hope its not my fault ). so they decided to go to one of the kelong at Lukut...and it cost rm40 per person. yeah...then i agreed to him.

there was 8 of us. we dont know anything about the kelong. it just a random search from anis saying ' that place is actually was not that bad'. so we trust him..hey..we always trust our friends. so..8 macho guys when to kelong and hope gonna have fun there.

this trip was quite different from any other fishing trip i've been. usually, before any trip, we already talking the excitement about catching big fish like siakap, pari or toman. but..we actually don talk about it at all. all of us was thinking..go there..and fishing..have fun..sleep...and fishing. i think we start not to care about catching big fish...although thats the main aim about fishing..well i dont know.

The Arrival of Farid the Joe
it took about 1H30M to reach to Lukut's Jetty. from there, we took a bot and it took about another 5 - 10 minutes to reach to the kelong. the kelong was not that looks old and shaddy. look like a place to collapse. it almost near to the middle of the sea. i can see he water was was so nice. well about this place..i think it is not a nice place for people who afraid of rats..because..the rats are everywhere!!!. well..we dont see the rats all the time..but rats are everywhere!!!. after we inspected the place..we set up our gears and ready to fish.

12pm - 8 pm with the fish
that was very hot day. direct sunlight to our face. but the wind was strong and we did not sweat much..i think. at catch ever made. then suddenly, faiz got fish..not one but two fish at one time. he got 2 swordfish. i never see swordfish before..but it is really a beautiful fish. the upper half of its body is green in color while the other half is pearl in color. it has really sharp teeth. to see it is very priceless. the end we got 4 swordfish..and all of it was caught by faiz. other than that, we didnt get much fish..well maybe amir, zubair and farid got some fish..but i not sure about that...heh.

The Swordfish

I dont know about this thing..but its beautiful yet dangerous they say

Zubair with his no ones care
Macho guy alert!!!
Watching sunset like a gay hahaha
8pm - 5 am

we got a visitor. about late 30's couple with their baby. i felt quite pity with his wife..i not nice to bring your wife to place with full of rats and all she got to do just stay there doing nothing. hermm..i probably not going to do that to my future wife..i think. anyway..during night, we did not do fish caught our bait. but the feeling was on our side. the wind was cool and we thought its going to rain. however, most of time we just lying on the wood floor and counting the stars..i never did that before..and i found it was so bliss and peace inside me. you know, if you got nothing to do, example like no internet, no games, no laptop/desktop, and no television, even the stupidest things that you think before will become a nice thing to do while on the ocean...its hard to explain, but while your on the ocean, it become mysterious place and everything become possible.

I dont know about this..
have you see how squid swim..hahaha..i did. it happen around 11pm - 12am, while faiz was suddenly saw something that was swimming under our kelong. it looks so funny and cute. at first we thought it was a turtle..but still, its a squid..they said it was 'sotong katak'. because it looks like a frog. it swam just on the surface of the water, we even can see the texture of its body and its fin. we try to catch it by throwing lots of baits and we try it very hard. but it did take our bait at all. i start to wonder, how clever fish nowadays.

Ikut sunnah nabi :)
suddenly, the couple came to us and the guy was going to catch the squid. we were sooo..frustrated, i mean..come on..we saw it first, it should be our squid right. so..the brother just caught it by using his nets. then we all were like silent and amazed..i think in our mind was..' HOW COME 8 MEDICAL STUDENTS NEVER THINK OF USING A NET BEFORE???'...and yet..the brother allow us to borrow his net..and we caught another squid. horrey!!!. however, we use the squid as a bait. we were just being told that there are big fish called Jenahak in the sea..and it eat we used farid's rod to put the squid as a was like a rod that hold 8 golden dreams..and then we wait..we counting stars...wait..counting stars again..then we went sleep.

8 am - 2 pm

Faiz..fisherman of the day
woke up from sleep..but still not feel fresh. it become disaster for me since when i woke up with flu. the day was hot, i think all of us got sunburn. while i was sleep, faiz caught tengiri fish..and plus they watch the sun rised..damn..they dont even wake me up..and no luck with Jenahak. well actually, nothing happen at the kelong at that time...i just skip the story when we were away.

The sunrise :)
Anis got another nice fish
And crab too
6pm - 12 am

after we reach at the Lukut's jetty, we went to Port Dickson. we went to one of the anis's homestay. it was like and apartment with big swimming pool in the middle of it. so..the first thing we did there was 'JUMP INTO THE SWIMMING POOL!!!'. yeah..we need it..after 2 days we havent take a was all because of the stupid taboo. and i finally learnt how to swim..hahaha..thanks to all the sifu.

I told you we were happy to see a nice water
Swimming like no one cares

Zubair..cook like a boss
Faiz..cook like a sir
around 8 pm..we all gather and cook the fish..some of us when out to buy the ingredients, while the rest were preparing the fish. team building always effective. then we cook the fish, we took picture and we eat it. it was soo good...i felt worth it..caught our own fish, cook our own meal and eat our own meal. feels that all the efforts despite of hot weather, the rats, the waiting was all being paid with delicious foods..

Farid..our master chef

Anis..cook like no one cares
The food
The 2nd food
The dessert
The happy fisherman
since the night was still young, we got nothing to we hit the gas and when out to the beach. i mean, we were at PD, where else we can go?..even thou we at the beach, we still got nothing to we shared stupid stories, laugh at people, watching 'nice' people, having stupid debate and then we when home around 3 am.. then we when to sleep.

10 am
Faiz still cant believe
to be fisherman
of the day

it is time we go went home la..hahahaha

well, another fishing trip is just a fishing trip..nothing special about it..and as usual, i did caught any fish. however, as i said before, i did not feel any tension or stress while on the kelong. we had so much fun, we make stupid jokes, stupid activities and was more like a hangout rather then fishing trip i guess. about the place, i think it was not that bad, rm40 per person..i guess its ok. i mean, it was never know when you can get a dont put any dreams of that. but the dreams that you should be in your mind was to apperciate the beautiful scenery and having fun with your companions.


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