What is life?

When I was small, so small that I can only thing A is for an apple, i always talk to myself,

'when can i be taller and bigger like brother and father?'

Another Fishing Trip

The Army of Fishing Geng

OOyeah..its holiday. 2+1 weeks for our holiday is toooo long. i think we deserve it since the exams were very stressful. at least, this long break can clear up our mind. after the announcement of exams result, everyone went sparse. everyone had their own plans and dreams for this holiday. we dont know about their plans..because we dont care much about it. but im sure they must have gone oversea or somewhere. well us...we just go fishing..

Walking On the Sea

Not Walking
Do you know beach and sea are actually two different things. The beach is where you can find all sexy girls wearing tight bikinis while the sea, you will always trying to find all these sexy girls. Basically..there is nothing at the sea. It just the water and you...let me rephrase..it just the nature and you.

la vie...

it really funny hows the nature works and how we respond to it. for example..two men are looking at big tree, one men might think..'it is marvelous', while the other men might think, 'how many men that we need to chop down this tree'. two men look at a painting, one men might think..'this is a master piece', while the other might think 'this is a piece of shit'. but..i can say it is normal for people to have different thinking and view..it is all like yin and yang..some good and some bad..but how people think about life..?

Bola Sepak Malaysia....

Ape ada dengan bola sepak Malaysia? 15 minit pertama main cantik..pastu dah jadi ntahpape. passing pon berserabut. budget nak bawak bola sorang dari bawah ke atas la. bola dah depan gol pon boleh sepak ke laut. nak kate tak reti main..tapi semuanya main bola 24 jam. dah jadi kerje tetap dieorang pon untuk main bola. takkan tu pon tak reti main lagi. nak kate facility tak cukup..rasenye dah hebat kalo nak di bandingkan dengan negara2 kat Afrika tu..

Terengganu visit..

date : 12 july
destination : Kuala Terengganu

yeah.!! its vacation time. never thought or plan to go to terengganu actually. despite of the cost, well want can u expect from terrengganu? the beautiful beach? cheap merchandise? or beautiful chicks? well, i decided to go to terengganu just on my way to Pulau Pinang to visit old friends and also for my friend weddings. it just came across my mind like ' not a bad idea to visit kuji's place'. then i decided to go.

When We Cry, We Laugh, We Face It Together - The Story of Us

The story of Us

11 June 2009
Sport arena cafeteria

we were having a 'family' dinner as usual here. i would say, this is our new 'spot' to have a very good dinner. the food is nice, cheap and a lot. a complete and good characteristics of food for people like us ( poor and unmarried ). it all happen when Anis said, ' where are u guys planning to go after the exam?'. it is a very vague question to ask, a question where we can put a thousand of dreams and hopes for a better and nice vacations. everybody is planning for vacations after the exam. lots of plan, lots of immagination but to execute, is the other story. and we are no different from the rest. what makes us different is, when we have planned, we will make sure it happen, although everything is in the hand of God, but, at least we try.